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Four Sneaky Causes of Weight Gain from DietsInReview

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:07 -- admin

Gaining Weight? 4 Sneaky Reasons Why    (Don't miss #3 - JP MD)


Sneaky culprits—like the night shift, secondhand smoke, and more—could be affecting your weight 

Every day, something new is added to the list of factors that pack on the pounds. People are trying to avoid everything from pesticides to strength training and anything in between. But before you go taking any drastic measures, see what science says. We know the research is out there on the negative effects of junk food, inactivity, and weight gain, but here are some surprising factors that could be affecting your waistline. Science says so! (Stress Eating Adds 11 Extra Pounds a Year.)


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Secondhand Smoke


Not only does smoking not make you thin, it can cause weight gain. The American Journal of Physiology has published the evidence on the fattening effects of secondhand smoke. Basically, the lingering smoke in homes triggers ceramide, a small lipid that disrupts normal cell function. How can you avoid this? “Just quit,” says Benjamin Bikmam, professor of physiology at Brigham Young University. “Perhaps our research can provide added motivation to learn about the additional harmful effects to loved ones.”