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Facial Beauty

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Here is an interesting article discussing options to coverup small flaws and rebalance facial appearance to enhance beauty.  Plastic surgery always strives to achieve better facial contour and balance but these tricks may help.  This information comes from Women's Health Magazine.


The Science of Beauty Secrets

Researchers have investigated what makes up the perfect face for years. What they found was that certain traits are universally considered desirable. Read on to learn what scientifically constitutes a desirable face.


The symmetry of the face is one of the best indicators of attractiveness. When one side of a face is a mirror image of the other, a beautiful face is born.

How to Achieve It

The quest for facial symmetry may account for the growing popularity of facial implants, injecting, and sculpting. Asymmetrical hair cuts which can disguise an uneven face are also on the rise.

Full Lips

High estrogen levels in post-pubescent women make lips fuller. As we age and hormone levels decrease, our lips tend to lose their color and plumpness. With the advent of unusually fat lips appearing lately on the big screen, it’s no wonder many women are striving for voluminous lips.

How to Achieve It

For the appearance of fuller lips, stick with glossy lipstick, this aids the illusion of plumpness. Matt colors can make the lips appear smaller. Cosmetic procedures include transferring fat or filler into the lips to boost their size.

Small Nose

Women with small features or “baby faces” are often considered more attractive because they appear more youthful, according to research completed at Universities of Regensburg and Rostock in Germany.

How to Achieve It

Complicated makeup work can help create shading on the nose to make it look smaller. Consider parting your hair on the side instead of down the middle to gain the illusion of a smaller nose. Sadly there’s not much that can be done to downsize the appearance of a larger nose, unless you opt for surgery.

Curvy Eyebrows

Evenly balanced eyebrows add symmetry to your face. Shapely, arched eyebrows also help define your eyes.

How to Achieve It

Plucking or waxing is the easiest way to alter the shape of your brows. For something more permanent, consider an endoscopic brow life, which only requires a tiny cut at the hairline.

Small Chin

A delicate V-shaped chin is another feature of a “baby face”. A pointed narrow chin appears more feminine than a square jaw, which is commonly associated with masculine features.

How to Achieve It

Keeping your hair ‘volumized’ and longer than your chin line can help minimize your jaw line. The chin bone can be reshaped surgically using chisels and drills (Ouch!).

Clear Skin

It’s no secret that skin that glows and is wrinkle and blemish free is most desirable and youthful. A 2006 study in the journal “Evolution and Human Behavior” found that skin tone and evenness was a predictor of facial attractiveness.

How to Achieve It

Keep skin moisturized and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and pulse light therapy can help skin that is already damaged. Treatments can be customized to how badly the skin is already damaged.

Large, Bright Eyes

A person’s eyes are usually the first facial feature noticed. They make an immediate impression. Large, bright eyes are part of the “baby face” youthful look.

How to Achieve It

Curled eyelashes, mascara, shapely brows all contribute to ‘opening up” the eyes. Excess skin tissue on the eyelid, giving a saggy appearance, can be removed with cosmetic surgery.

Wide Set Eyes

Scientists found that eyes that are set farther apart are considered far more desirable than those that are close together. This is because a balanced facial ratio coincides with the ‘golden ratio’, indicating symmetry. However, psychologists that have considered the ‘gold ratio’ in terms of perception of beauty have had mixed results. Some test takers were not attracted to these so-called perfect dimensions.

How to Achieve It

Eye makeup techniques, like avoiding dark eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyelids can create an illusion of nicely spaced eyes. But it is impossible to surgically move your eye sockets.

Large Forehead

Larger foreheads are considered more attractive for women because, once again, it contributes to the “baby face” look. And studies show that the “baby face” look is thought to represent youth.

How to Achieve It

Keeping your hair off your face can go a long way in maximizing the look of your forehead. A cosmetic brow lift can increase its size by pulling the skin up.

White Teeth

A gleaming white smile conveys youth and health, and no matter what your age, a bright smile is advantageous. According to the American Dental Association as we age, our tooth enamel wears away, revealing the darker tissue underneath. Years of smoking, taking certain medications and drinking dark beverages like coffee or wine, can also discolor our teeth.

How to Achieve It

Avoid coffee, wine and other foods that stain your teeth. That sound like a nearly impossible piece of advice to follow, and it is. Instead, brighten your teeth with whitening mouthwash and toothpaste. Your dentist can also offer whitening solutions.

A Strong Jaw – For the Guys

During male puberty, when a higher testosterone develops, facial features change from boyish to manly. A strong, square chin is an attractive male feature; it represents dominance and masculinity.

How to Achieve It

As cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular for men and well as women, chin implants have been high on the list for men. Implants are placed below the skin and on top of the bone. Today there are many choices of shapes and sizes to choose from. If this is something you may be interested in, consult a good surgeon.

In the Eye of the Beholder

Scientific studies and reports may tell us what is ascetically pleasing to look at, but no one is perfect. Often, people prefer seeing the small differences in the face of their loved ones, or those who catch their eye. That’s why they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”