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Choosing Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 06:49 -- admin

When you lose an exceptional amount of weight, the feeling is great. While you love the feeling of being successful at getting healthier, you may notice that you have loose skin around your arms, thighs, or stomach that won't go away no matter how much you work out. Unfortunately, excessive weight stretches out the skin and it must be removed in order for you to really appreciate all of your hard work. A Beverly Hills, CA. cosmetic surgery center can help you achieve your overall weight loss goals by recommending cosmetic procedures that will help remove excess skin and fat.


Liposuction has been around for decades, and it's a great way to contour your body. After you lose weight, you may have excess fat deposits in your arms, thighs, hips, or stomach. Liposuction can remove these fatty deposits and help you see a slimmer, curvy look to your body. A Beverly Hills, CA. cosmetic surgery center can perform liposuction on most areas of your body that have excess fatty deposits.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure where the surgeon removes excess skin below the belly button. It also allows the doctor to tighten the muscles of the stomach to help improve health and appearance. This surgery is often necessary for people who have lost a considerable amount of weight, especially in the abdomen, and need excess skin removal. Women who have had multiple pregnancies may also benefit from a tummy tuck after deciding to have no further pregnancies. A tummy tuck works in conjunction with liposuction to remove excess fat deposits.

Breast Lift

Since the breasts are composed of fatty tissues, you can lose elasticity when you lose weight. A breast lift can help women who've lost weight regain the look and feel of their breasts. Breast lifts and augmentations are very popular in Beverly Hills, CA. Cosmetic surgery centers can provide you with an initial consultation to determine your candidacy for breast lift surgery. You can combine multiple procedures in one visit so that you can take care of all of your post-weight loss surgeries at one time.