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Brow lift

Brow lift

Forehead Lift

Beverly Hills Browlift surgery (also known as a Forehead Lift) is often performed to reverse the droopiness of skin affecting the brows and eyelids. Notice how much more rested, alert and feminine the patients appear in their photos taken after their brow lift procedures.  Often, patients undergoing facial plastic surgery state that they perceive their new appearance as better reflecting their perception of how they feel about themselves inside!!

hiding incisions is a very important part
of keeping your brow lift a secret!

Dr. Perlman believes strongly in techniques that hide the incision lines and make them as minimally detectable as possible, giving his patients the best chance for a long lasting and natural appearance from their Beverly Hills browlift (forehead lift) and plastic surgery procedures.  Many patients who undergo browlift surgery in our Beverly Hills plastic surgery facility choose to combine their brow lift with a facelift and neck lift including lifting of the cheek pad and the SMAS in the face, and tightening of the platysma muscle in the neck. All of our browlift (forehead lift) plastic surgery procedures are performed in our accredited and certified outpatient operating facility here in Beverly Hills, California.

Browlift (forehead lift) surgery generally require 2 weeks away from work to allow for resolution of swelling and a more natural and presentable appearance. Bruising is usually minor and swelling mild.

Is a brow lift
right for you?

Watch Dr. Perlman talk about the benefits of brow lift surgery to find out if it’s right for you!