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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation

Enlargement with Saline or Silicone Breast Implants

Beverly Hills specialist Dr. Perlman has been performing breast enlargements and breast augmentation surgery for patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Diego since 1980. He seeks the most natural looking results for his patients.  As a plastic surgeon he emphasizes the need to avoid extreme changes in size especially for patients who wish to maintain a natural and well balanced appearance.   Many patients seek augmentation of their breasts with cohesive silicone or saline breast implants to achieve a size that they have not acquired naturally.  Others wish to receive breast implants to restore a former size that was lost after pregnancy, weight loss or simply as a result of growing older!

popular breast augmentation reasons

weight loss


achieve what you can't naturally

changes frow growing older

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under a light general anesthesia in our Beverly Hills Los Angeles certified and licensed operating facility. Dr Perlman prefers placement of your breast implants so that they are covered in approximately their upper half by the pectoral muscle (partial subpectoral augmentation or "dual plane"), although placement above the muscle (suprapectoral) is an option. If you have thick natural breast tissue, or have old suprapectoral breast implants that are being changed you can consider placing your new implants above the muscle. Dr. Perlman prefers using an incision for placement of silicone implants within the perimeter of the lower nipple for minimal visibility. For saline implants he offers augmentation using a one inch incision well-hidden in the peak of the underarm (transaxillary) or uses an incision around the nipple since its visibility is usually minimal.



Are Breast Implants
right for you?

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Dr. Perlman also offers his patients the option of using a pain pump to make the postoperative recovery easier. A fine threadlike catheter automatically drips small amounts of numbing solution into each surgical area for the first 24 to 48 hours. We find that this technique alleviates about seventy percent of the discomfort after the surgical procedure and lessens the need for pain medications!

There are many examples of breast augmentation patients in the photo gallery as well as examples of patients who underwent enlargement with implants following pregnancy that you can link to from the photo gallery page. Remember that each person's results will differ depending upon the thickness of her own tissue, skin elasticity and other factors. These procedures were all performed in our Beverly Hills outpatient surgical facility under a light general anesthesia following which our patients usually went home or to a local hotel accompanied by a friend or family member.

Types of breast implants

Breast augmentation uses cohesive gel silicone breast implants or saline breast implants (salt water) to augment or enlarge a woman's breasts. For my Los Angeles and Beverly Hills breast implants and breast enlargement patients, I perform the surgery at my accredited Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center. I prefer placement of the breast implants through incisions hidden either in the upper portion of the underarm (transaxillary) or around the outer nipple area to minimize the incision's visibility. The use of silicone breast implants for breast enlargement has been re-approved by the FDA since January 2007 and we now offer the first FDA approved cohesive gel silicone implants available. Cohesive gel implants do not spread their silicone even if cut in half yet maintain a very natural and soft feeling free of the "gummy-bear" feel of other implants.

WATCH this video to see a cohesive gel implant intentionally cut in half!

By placing the
breast implants beneath
the pectoral muscle Dr.
Perlman achieves the most
natural result for your
breast enlargement.

In this video Dr. Perlman
discusses how long silicone
breast implants have lasted
in his experience over 25
years in practice.



Implants options
right for you?

Watch the video to learn more about Dr.Perlman's recommendations and the various types of breast implants for your breast enlargement surgery



I usually recommend that breast augmentation be performed by placing the breast implants beneath the pectoral muscle, to achieve the most natural result for your breast enlargement. The fact that the muscle covers the upper edge of the breast implants serves to camouflage your breast implants and make your surgical result more natural and aesthetically successful! This is especially important in the upper area of your chest, since low cut dresses and most bathing suits expose this area.

Since most of my breast implant patients seek better body proportioning and favor a more natural appearance after breast augmentation, I spend extra time during surgery finely adjusting the size and position of your new breast implants. I seek the optimal balance between the size and shape of your breasts always keeping in mind the aesthetic goals of your breast implant surgery. Recovery after breast implants surgery requires one week without driving, and several weeks' avoidance of light lifting.

Recovery following breast implant surgery

what most patients can expect

5-7 days

to work

2-3 months

sensation &

6-8 weeks

Return to

Most breast implants patients return to work after 5-7 days. You can expect to be tender during the first week, mildly tender during the second week returning usually toward normal sensation and feeling over the next 2-3 months time.

Most breast implants patients return to limited light exercise after 3-4 weeks, and regular exercise after 6-8 weeks. The breast implant surgery is performed under a light general anesthesia in our accredited outpatient Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center.

If you have further questions about Beverly Hills breast implants or are considering other breast augmentation surgery procedures such as breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, feel free to contact our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery office (310 854 0031) and we will be glad to answer your questions or schedule your complimentary breast implant consultation. Extreme Makeover and Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr. Perlman has been performing breast implant surgery for patients from Los Angeles, Irvine, Orange County, Newport Beach and Beverly Hills since 1980.

Breast augmentation after pregnancy

Many women seek breast enhancement and breast enlargement after having had children. The fact that they have gone through one or more pregnancies usually means that their breast tissue thickness is diminished and that the potential distensability of their skin and breast tissue is greater. The potential for a more dramatic size increase from placement of breast implants is therefore greater, however the potential to feel the presence of an implant is also greater.

Following the approval of silicone breast implants by the FDA for breast augmentation, many women who have had children, or significant weight loss, are now selecting silicone implants at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery facility because of their potentially more "natural" feel and lowered risk for palpability and rippling.

Patients who have had one or more pregnancies have usually stretched their tissues and consequently their breast enlargement can be more dramatic (if desired). Sometimes, however, droopiness of the breasts and nipples requires that a breast uplift procedure be combined with placement of breast implants to achieve an aesthetic improvement at the time of breast enlargement.